Number 2: Adding Context to Snapshots to Increase Understanding

On Snapshots

It is worth remembering that we are only glancing through the window when it comes to what we see online. We are exposed to a brief snapshot of what is often a single moment in practice. A drill or a thirty second clip does not contain the full context of the situation, so it is important for us, as coaches to be cognizant and avoid jumping to conclusions.

Is it a good drill? Is it beneficial? Is it a complete waste of time?

Whilst some videos are glaringly obvious, there are others that we can’t determine within the thirty seconds as we don’t have the necessary context.

We should take the time to assess and analyse why that drill is being performed and see if we can connect it to something that we do. We don’t have to agree with what we see, but we still need to process it before making a conclusion on it.

Sarama states that if people were to see his actual practices, they would be very surprised as a lot of the things that he shows on his highlight videos are just brief moments within the practice environment.

Our next article dives into Practice Methodology.

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