Successful Youth Practices: 10 Key Lessons that will boost your Coaching

Over the last number of weeks, as part of a coach development series within our organisation, I have had an opportunity to connect with coaches from around the world. The topic of choice was Skill Development and Youth Basketball. There were so many interesting ideas and topics that emerged, so I thought I would put some of them together and share them.

Instead of putting it all out in one post, I will introduce a single topic each post so that it can be better digested.

Number 1: Using Theories and Models to Empower our Coaching

There are various opinions about learning theories and what not, however the one that has the most evidence and research behind it is the Constraints Led Approach. As such, this is the basis of what I build my practice planning and teaching pedagogy on” (Alex Sarama).

This is really interesting for me, as one of the things that I try and do is take the best parts of certain concepts and apply it to my own situation. Then I assess and evaluate before deciding to keep it or not. I do agree with Coach Sarama that doing too much or trying to implement several theories can be confusing, and there is benefit to doubling down on one specific theory. I don’t think that I am there yet with my coaching and leadership. Personally, I have really tried to look at the Motivational Theories, Leadership Theories, Learning Theories out there to name a few, but I can’t always whole-heartedly buy into a single one. This is because there are concepts or key points from the others that I think can apply into my situation.

I prefer to follow Bruce Lee’s quote on this.

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