Number 2: Adding Context to Snapshots to Increase Understanding

On Snapshots It is worth remembering that we are only glancing through the window when it comes to what we see online. We are exposed to a brief snapshot of what is often a single moment in practice. A drill or a thirty second clip does not contain the full context of the situation, soContinue reading “Number 2: Adding Context to Snapshots to Increase Understanding”

Successful Youth Practices: 10 Key Lessons that will boost your Coaching

Over the last number of weeks, as part of a coach development series within our organisation, I have had an opportunity to connect with coaches from around the world. The topic of choice was Skill Development and Youth Basketball. There were so many interesting ideas and topics that emerged, so I thought I would put someContinue reading “Successful Youth Practices: 10 Key Lessons that will boost your Coaching”

Increase Your Productivity by Using these Simple Time Management Principles

Time Management Time is more valuable than money. You can always get more money, but you cannot get more time. Jim Rohn Contrary to what most people may think, time management is not an attempt at managing time. Time is in constant flow. It cannot be slowed down, stopped or managed. It will pass whetherContinue reading “Increase Your Productivity by Using these Simple Time Management Principles”


We’ve just wrapped up our third Rend Sports Summer Camp, and following a tough week behind the scenes that can only be described as a frustratingly, challengingly rewarding experience. In what has now become the most looked forward to event of our coaching team every summer, this year was different. All our plans, ideas andContinue reading “LIVE YOUR VALUES”


We all want to achieve a certain objective. We want to bring to life a certain vision that we may have for ourselves of for others.As a player, you may want to be ready to attack practices with tenacity as soon as the pandemic is over. As a coach, you may want to be readyContinue reading “PREPARING FOR TOMORROW”

Measure to Improve

Something that I personally have been struggling with lately is the concept of becoming a better person, a better coach, and a better leader. I’ve consistently been reflecting and actively trying to get rid of what I consider negative habits whilst adding positive habits into my lifestyle. This has been challenging for me as IContinue reading “Measure to Improve”

imPACTT coaching – When less means more!

Is coaching less more effective in the long run? We’ve all seen coaches who have a presence on the court. A certain aura as they move around demanding, controlling, roaring instructions, giving feedback, constantly correcting skills and directing players from drill to drill. On the outset, it looks amazing. The coach seems to be in constantContinue reading “imPACTT coaching – When less means more!”