Number 12: Artists are Creative and Elicit Emotions; Science is Factual and Dull

Ask any coach who has coached for a considerable time period about how much of the game is mental. Most coaches would say that the game is 80% Mental and 20% Physical. What does this actually mean? Personally, it means that the technical and tactical elements of coaching are not the ones that make theContinue reading “Number 12: Artists are Creative and Elicit Emotions; Science is Factual and Dull”

Number 11: Know Your Players and How it can help Energise Your Practices

Not everyone is the same. Treating all your players the same way is the quickest way to alienate your players and team. Each one of your players is there for a different reason, each one is motivated differently, each one has a different personality, a different skill level, a different relative age, chronological age andContinue reading “Number 11: Know Your Players and How it can help Energise Your Practices”

Number 10: Importance of Enjoyment in the Learning Process

Regardless of what research you look at, when it comes to learning, the number one important factor is are you having fun? This can be phrased differently, but the premise is the same. Learning should be fun. Leaners should want to explore. Learners should want to spend more time on the activity. Let’s not correlateContinue reading “Number 10: Importance of Enjoyment in the Learning Process”

Number 9: Understanding Pareto Principle’s Relation to Youth Player Development

In a previous article, I highlighted Paretos Principle. The idea that 80% of the results usually comes from about 20% of the work. This is also quite evident in sport. Alex Sarama discussed how coaches spend so much time focusing on the 80% of the skills that are not as effective or will only be usedContinue reading “Number 9: Understanding Pareto Principle’s Relation to Youth Player Development”

Number 8: Using the Sweet Spot to Create a Motivational Practice

Coach Michael MacKay affirms that during the learning process, learners need to wobble and have elements of failure. Along the learning spectrum, there is an area, which Brian McCormick refers to as the sweet spot. This is where the learner needs to be most of the time. If the learner is experiencing success too much,Continue reading “Number 8: Using the Sweet Spot to Create a Motivational Practice”

Successful Youth Practices 7: Scanning and Improving Your Coaching

Scanning is one of the most difficult skills that there is for a coach. The ability to observe the athlete perform the skill and assess where the problem lies. Often, as coaches, we already have pre-defined teaching points and regardless of where the athlete is lacking, we are giving them the feedback we have prepared.Continue reading “Successful Youth Practices 7: Scanning and Improving Your Coaching”

Number 5: Understanding Context to Teach Skill Transference

At the time of writing this post, I received a text from a friend showing a video of Ja Morant getting some shots up following the game against the Charlotte Hornets. The question that inevitably came up was, “Is Ja Morant getting better?” There is so much to unpack from such a simple question followed with aContinue reading “Number 5: Understanding Context to Teach Skill Transference”

Number 4: Using Regressions to Enhance Development

Inevitably, there are times in practice that an athlete will struggle to grasp a concept or the mechanics of a technical skill. Our job as coaches is to facilitate that athletes development, hence we need to adapt the environment. Coach MacKay’s progressions of drills provides a nice way of being able to do this. WhilstContinue reading “Number 4: Using Regressions to Enhance Development”

Number 3: Practice Methodology to Create Transfer

Somehow against all odds, in the year 2021, there is still an unhealthy amount of reliance on blocked and constant practice within the practice environment. Research has continuously provided evidence that randomised, variable practice is more beneficial for the learning process than constant or blocked practice. Learning may have various definitions depending on who youContinue reading “Number 3: Practice Methodology to Create Transfer”

Successful Youth Practices: 10 Key Lessons that will boost your Coaching

Over the last number of weeks, as part of a coach development series within our organisation, I have had an opportunity to connect with coaches from around the world. The topic of choice was Skill Development and Youth Basketball. There were so many interesting ideas and topics that emerged, so I thought I would put someContinue reading “Successful Youth Practices: 10 Key Lessons that will boost your Coaching”

Increase Your Productivity by Using these Simple Time Management Principles

Time Management Time is more valuable than money. You can always get more money, but you cannot get more time. Jim Rohn Contrary to what most people may think, time management is not an attempt at managing time. Time is in constant flow. It cannot be slowed down, stopped or managed. It will pass whetherContinue reading “Increase Your Productivity by Using these Simple Time Management Principles”

imPACTT coaching – When less means more!

Is coaching less more effective in the long run? We’ve all seen coaches who have a presence on the court. A certain aura as they move around demanding, controlling, roaring instructions, giving feedback, constantly correcting skills and directing players from drill to drill. On the outset, it looks amazing. The coach seems to be in constantContinue reading “imPACTT coaching – When less means more!”

Elusive Confidence

When it comes to sporting success, confidence has been shown to account for the differences between successful and unsuccessful performances. Sports psychologists and elite athletes have consistently stated that confidence is a crucial currency in their performances and success. But, what is confidence? Are there different types of confidence? How do we develop confidence? What impactsContinue reading “Elusive Confidence”

My Players Suck! Pt. 2 – Why Am I Out?

2. “Every-time I sub my players’ off; they demand an explanation. I can’t provide that during the game” Nobody expects to play forty minutes every game. Most players would like to, but they don’t expect it. As such, player expectations are based on their self-perceptions in comparison to their teammates,  how many minutes they usuallyContinue reading “My Players Suck! Pt. 2 – Why Am I Out?”

My Players Suck! Pt. 1 – Coach Won’t Play Me

My last post, My Coach Sucks,  talked about some of the issues that affect players’ game time and a couple of tips on how players can deal with these issues. Most of these issues can be solved by the player approaching the coach and initiating communication to understand the vision of the team, the directionContinue reading “My Players Suck! Pt. 1 – Coach Won’t Play Me”

My Coach Sucks!!

Coaches differ from one another in various ways. Their coaching styles, their behaviours, their philosophies, systems and even their personalities. Combining these styles with that of their athletes results in some great working relationships and at other times, confusion from the athletes’ part as they struggle to understand their coach and fit in with theContinue reading “My Coach Sucks!!”

Predicting Success through Testing

Tim Grover is so on the money in the below article in more ways than one… Let’s start with athletics and he is right. Can you imagine if Damian Lillard, Steph Curry and Kevin Durant were judged by their ability to bench press and that was a determinant of how successful they would eventuallyContinue reading “Predicting Success through Testing”

The Station

Tucked away in our subconscious minds is an idyllic vision. We see ourselves on a long, long trip that almost spans the continent. We’re travelling by passenger train, and out the windows we drink in the passing scene of cars on nearby highways, of children waving at a crossing, of cattle grazing on a distant hillside,Continue reading “The Station”

Living it up

I’ve been fortunate to have spent the last fourteen years of my life in Ireland, getting to meet a tonne of really cool people and developing great relationships with so many in the Emerald Isle. One of my passions is coaching and over the last eight years, I have been privileged to have been involved with severalContinue reading “Living it up”

Q & A with Gregg Popovich – Spurs Offense

The original article was written by Jeff McDonald and the link to that article can be found below.    CLEVELAND — The question was about Cavaliers coach Mike Brown and his stated goal to model his team’s approach to offense after the team he once worked for, the Spurs. The Spurs, Brown noted, don’t run offenseContinue reading “Q & A with Gregg Popovich – Spurs Offense”

FIBA Europeans 2014

FIBA 2014 European Championships It’s the journey and not the destination that leaves the most lasting memories; it’s how we overcome adversity, obstacles and challenges that define us and our lives. After spending more than two years working closely with an exceptional group of people, the journey is now over, but the memories will foreverContinue reading “FIBA Europeans 2014”

Life Truths

It’s that time of the year again; the dreaded off-season/pre-season. For the serious and committed athletes, they’ve already used their off-season time wisely and will now be transitioning into pre-season. Other are still unsure if the work is worth it. “I worked so hard on my game last year, improved my jump shot and myContinue reading “Life Truths”

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