Basketball and Life

“Whatever works in basketball works in life!” – Morgan Wootten

Coach Wootten is arguably the most successful high school coach in basketballs history with over 1’200 wins in his career. The above statement is his core philosophy in basketball and I must admit that I completely agree with it.

In order to be a good basketball player, you learn that you must be consistent in your actions, whether that is waking up every morning to get shots up before school, or staying back after practice to get in more shots. It is what extra work you do, that will separate you and take you another level.

Apply this to school or work, if you put in the same amount of hours as everyone else, you will invariably just remain average. But, if you come in early, stay back late and work harder than anyone, you elevate yourself to a whole other level and increase your chances of success, whether that is getting excellent grades or getting that promotion you want.

Here are three rules that I honestly believe will allow you to succeed in whatever you want.

“Work hard, work smart and work consistent” .. if you’ve heard this before, it’s because I didn’t come up with. I heard it and embraced it from a friend of mine, Alan Stein.

Think about it though… if you work hard and take yourself to the point where you are out of your comfort zone, then you will improve and grow, and this is where changes are made.

But sprinting up and down a hill with weights on your back may not be the smartest thing to do if you want to be a better shooter on the court. This is where you must “work smart”. Figure out where it is you want your path to take you and be smart in the way you work hard.

Finally, if you only work on your craft on every other day, then you will not be successful. You must do all three. You must work hard, you must work smart and you must work consistently to become better.

Become a better basketball player and a person ahead of this season. Use these three rules to allow you to dominate the court this year and allow basketball to be a medium to make you a better person off the court!!

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