Working on your craft!!

Last week, a good friend of mine, Ciaran Toner wrote a post about being in the “Right Place at the Right Time“. If you haven’t seen it, go and read it now. I want to echo on the points he made before jumping to my topic. There are certain people, who wish for success, but spendContinue reading “Working on your craft!!”

Basketball and Life

“Whatever works in basketball works in life!” – Morgan Wootten Coach Wootten is arguably the most successful high school coach in basketballs history with over 1’200 wins in his career. The above statement is his core philosophy in basketball and I must admit that I completely agree with it. In order to be a goodContinue reading “Basketball and Life”

Is Success Really a Choice?

A couple of months ago, I wrote an article titled, “Success is a choice!”. I didn’t come up with this title, rather, I heard it from Coach Rick Pitino of the Louisville Cardinals.  I do, however, strongly believe that success is a choice that you consciously make. It may be a difficult choice, but itContinue reading “Is Success Really a Choice?”

Let the Coaches Coach

What is the job of a coach? Getting a group of players to come together and work as a team to achieve a common goal. The most difficult aspect of the coach is getting the players to embrace a fundamental concept that is an essential ingredient towards their success. The concept is that the teamContinue reading “Let the Coaches Coach”

Are we Coaches or Teachers?

The official title is Coach. But the question is, are we coaches or are we teachers? Personally, I like to consider myself a teacher. My medium is “basketball” and the classroom is “the hardwood” and finally my subject is “Life lessons through basketball”. Coaches want to win, teachers want their students to succeed. Coaches receiveContinue reading “Are we Coaches or Teachers?”