Weekly X’s & O’s – Stationary Advantage Starts

In a previous post, we highlighted some of the things that we include in each of our practices. Through 1vs1, 3vs3 and SSG, we are able to teach the decision-making components, including highlighting the various cues that players need to recognise in order to make a decision.

In this post, we share our favourite stationary advantage starts that we use regularly with our players. We will cover the difference between stationary advantage and dynamic advantages in a different post.


Defense starts above the three-point line facing the basket. The offensive player is behind the defense facing the basket. There are two variations to this start.

In the first one, we use this with younger kids, the ball is on the defenders back. When the offensive player moves the ball, the game is live and we play 1vs1 towards the basket.

With older kids, the ball is not held on the back of the defender. Rather the offensive player has the ball and on the first dribble, the game becomes live.


The defender is facing the offensive player and is standing in between two cones. The defender initiates the action by sprinting and touching either cone. The offensive player immediately attacks the opposite side.

When the defender moves, he allows an advantage for the offensive player. If the advantage is too big, it can be reduced by getting the offensive player to attack around the opposite corner. The increased distance towards the basket allows the defender a chance to recover and contest the shot at the rim.

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