Successful People Interact

Successful people don’t wait for opportunities; rather they go out of their way to seek opportunities

Technology, the internet and mobile phones have certainly changed our lives. Everybody these days has a smartphone and two seconds with the internet drives people crazy.

But, is this a good thing or a bad thing?

It is quite frankly a bit of both – we can now communicate with people, friends, family and business partners around the globe in a matter of seconds! We can stay in touch and share information. GPS on our fingertips allow us to find that restaurant or coffee shop that we’re looking for. Staying on top of trends in the market, stock and business ideas give you an edge on your competitors…

You turn down any street or go to any restaurant and all you see is everyone buried in their phones, texting or tweeting or doing one of countless other things that they could do. Now, that is a negative thing, because people don’t interact any more.

Kevin Eastman once said, “Opportunity is everywhere, the problem is that we’re not!”

I made a conscious choice yesterday to put away my phone for the day and interact with at least one random person at each place I went to.

The results were rewarding to say the least.

I interacted with nine people, and made seven new friends. We exchanged contact details and caught up on various topics. I found out that I could help at least four of them and have agreed to do so, two of them have invited me over for dinner. It felt good to talk to talk to people; it felt rewarding.

Get out there and interact, improve your interpersonal skills, improve your listening skills, improve your confidence and ability to strike up an interesting conversation. We are all so enclosed in our personal bubbles these days, that we forget to do these things. The worst that could possibly happen is you get shut down and feel embarrassed about it, but you’ll grow from that.

However, you may actually bring a smile on someone’s face, brighten up somebody’s day. That’s worth it!!

People always say that they would like to meet someone, but what do they do about it? People say that they are waiting for that dream job or an opportunity, but what are you doing about it?

Successful people aren’t afraid to put themselves out there, aren’t afraid to get shut down or get in their comfort zone.

Steve Nash once said that he is most comfortable when he is uncomfortable. That’s because he understands that the only way he will be challenged or forced to improve is when he is out of his comfort zone. If that’s good enough for Steve Nash, then what’s your excuse?

Put your phones down every now and again and interact with those around you.

“Successful people don’t necessarily wait for opportunities to come their way; rather they actively put themselves in positions to seek out opportunities”

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