About Us


Rend Sports Academy is a basketball and athletic performance training academy based in Dublin, Ireland. We’re fully focused on getting dedicated, young athletes better, through developing their leadership, athleticism and subtleties of the game. Regardless of your age or level of experience, we want to assist you in your development and help you perform at your best. Email us for more information rendsportsacademy@gmail.com


We believe that the most important aspect of any athlete development plan must include coach development. We believe that everyone deserves to know how to achieve their potential. We believe that everyone needs to learn how to lead and foster a great, competitive, positive team culture. Most of all, we believe that this is More Than Just A Game, and we strive to teach our athletes how to transfer the skills they’ve learned Off The Court.


1. Coach Development Programs: Register for one of our upcoming coach development programs to help facilitate your coaching journey. Alternatively, contact us to organise a coach development program for your basketball club. Coach Development Programs include:

  • Clinics
  • Workshops
  • Roundtables
  • Fly on the Wall

2. Basketball Camps: Register for one of our upcoming skill camps and work on leadership development, communication training, and refine your basketball specific skills to continue your development as a basketball player. Camps include:

  • fundamental skills development
  • leadership and communication training
  • sports psychology workshops
  • strength training concepts
  • developing basketball IQ.

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