We’ve been privileged to have worked with players and coaches of all ages and levels in countries around the world. See what they have to say about us.


“I played for Coach Nabil in Ireland and thoroughly enjoyed working with him. He was always extremely prepared for practice and games. His zest for learning the game and applying it on a daily basis is what makes him a great coach. In addition, his willingness and eagerness to teach his players new skills and fundamentals is what makes him a valuable and irreplaceable coach. Anyone who is trained or coached by him will definitely have an advantageous learning experience.” – Indira Kaljo (Tulane University 2012 & Founder of Activne)

Indira Kaljo

“Coach Murad has, over the years been more than just a coach to me. I believe that he is one of the very few coaches, trainers or teachers who guides and help players to find their full potential. Whether that be through sports or personal issues, Coach Murad has a suitable answer, drill or a stretch to fix it. He is one of the few coaches who really knows how to lead and push the team at times it’s like he is literally on the court with you making every play able to adjust to take full advantage of the opportunities that present themselves on the court” – Hillary Nets (Dublin Lions National League &  Skills Coach with RendBasketball)

Hillary Nets

“Working with the RendBasketball team at their strength camp was a great learning experience for me in which I learned a lot for the other coaches. There was a good atmosphere of learning there, as well as a high work etiquette from both the coaches and players, which led to much improvement from the participants. The team was very enthusiastic about their work and always tried to push the athletes to get the most out of them. All in all it was a great experience working with the team which helped me to grow as a coach” – Aidan Singleton (Owner of Live Health & Intern Strength Coach with RendBasketball)

Aidan Singleton

“Coach Nabil Murad has not only given me my ethos as a personal trainer, he has also helped me personally. Coach Murad worked tirelessly in helping me become the best basketball player that I could be. He never gave up on me and the self-control that I learned from this has since then had a huge impact in my personal life. I am happy in life and I appreciate my happiness because Coach Murad showed me how to slow down, think and make choices.” – Steven English (Owner of Primal Soul Fitness & Head Strength Coach with RendBasketball)

Steven English