Believe in the Process

This is my first season coaching in the Irish Premier League and while it is an absolute privilege to be entrusted with such a task, we have been unfortunate to get off to a bad start. We just played our seventh league game earlier and came away with a loss. One win, in seven games.... Continue Reading →

When are you done?!

"When you know it all, then you are done."Not quite sure who said the  above, but they would be spot on. I've been coaching basketball for a while now, and I got to a stage where I began to think that I know what I'm doing and that I can't fail. The best thing happened... Continue Reading →

Defenisve Mindsets

Being a defensive stopper Teams need defensive stoppers. Coaches want players that will make an impact defensively. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of glamour in being a good defensive player. Good defense means holding a player below his scoring average, making the opposition take shots from areas they do not want and contesting shots, whilst... Continue Reading →

To V-Cut or Not to V-Cut

For years, it’s been drilled into us that we should v-cut to get away from the defense and receive the basketball. Almost every player executes this move in one of three spots; the two wings and the top of the key. As a coach, this move doesn’t do anything for us or our program. We... Continue Reading →

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