imPACTT coaching – When less means more!

Is coaching less more effective in the long run? We’ve all seen coaches who have a presence on the court. A certain aura as they move around demanding, controlling, roaring instructions, giving feedback, constantly correcting skills and directing players from drill to drill. On the outset, it looks amazing. The coach seems to be in constantContinue reading “imPACTT coaching – When less means more!”

My Coach Sucks!!

Coaches differ from one another in various ways. Their coaching styles, their behaviours, their philosophies, systems and even their personalities. Combining these styles with that of their athletes results in some great working relationships and at other times, confusion from the athletes’ part as they struggle to understand their coach and fit in with theContinue reading “My Coach Sucks!!”

Keys to Being a Great Defensive Team

Keys To Being A Great Defensive Team: by Coach Joe Wootten 0 lay-ups in transition: Stop the other team from getting to the rim in transition.   A player should sprint to the hole (under the rim) and not give up a lay up. +15 in rebounding: A successful team is going to win the battleContinue reading “Keys to Being a Great Defensive Team”

14 Points to being a Key Parent

by Joe Wootten Tell you Child every time you watch them play, “I loved watching you play today!” Please think about how that would make you feel!  I know that would make anyone feel great! Do not soften the blow for your child after a loss:  If they lose teach them to not make excuses,Continue reading “14 Points to being a Key Parent”

Is Success Really a Choice?

A couple of months ago, I wrote an article titled, “Success is a choice!”. I didn’t come up with this title, rather, I heard it from Coach Rick Pitino of the Louisville Cardinals.  I do, however, strongly believe that success is a choice that you consciously make. It may be a difficult choice, but itContinue reading “Is Success Really a Choice?”

Bill Parcell – Finding a way to Win

Some very useful stuff taken from Bill Parcell’s book, “Finding a way to Win” When an organization stays the course and holds fast to their philosophy, through good times and bad, they work from a firm foundation. They gain an identity. They stand for something. Every organization, whether it’s floundering or ruling the roost, needsContinue reading “Bill Parcell – Finding a way to Win”

Embrace the Challenge…. Accept the Process

Embrace the Challenge… Accept the Process This weekend I managed to get down to watch a basketball game. For the first time in a long time, I could sit down on the spectator side of things and just enjoy the action purely for the fun of the game. Oh, what a beautiful game. The teamsContinue reading “Embrace the Challenge…. Accept the Process”