Strength Training and Kids

There exists a concept which states that strength training in kids is wrong and harmful. There exists a concept which states that strength training for kids will stunt their growth. A lot of people firmly believe this, and prevent their kids from engaging in strength training activities. So, is there any truth to this? Or areContinue reading “Strength Training and Kids”

Working on your craft!!

Last week, a good friend of mine, Ciaran Toner wrote a post about being in the “Right Place at the Right Time“. If you haven’t seen it, go and read it now. I want to echo on the points he made before jumping to my topic. There are certain people, who wish for success, but spendContinue reading “Working on your craft!!”

Embrace the Challenge…. Accept the Process

Embrace the Challenge… Accept the Process This weekend I managed to get down to watch a basketball game. For the first time in a long time, I could sit down on the spectator side of things and just enjoy the action purely for the fun of the game. Oh, what a beautiful game. The teamsContinue reading “Embrace the Challenge…. Accept the Process”