Increase Variability in your Next Practice by Using “Four Card Triggers”

This week’s practice idea was inspired by an Instagram post by Coach Paul Kelleher. The point of practice is to create an environment that best allows the skills being taught to be replicated on gameday. Research tells us that random and variable practices are better for long-term retention and transfer when compared to the more… Continue Reading →

X & O Series | How “10 Straight Passing” can help coaches get players focused in practice

The “10 Straight Passing” drill is a simple team activity that helps players get focused and ready ahead of practice. It gets players moving, communicating and making passes under pressure. Skill development is made up of three separate and distinct stages – movement mechanics, perceptual elements, and conceptual elements. Coaches mostly see the movement mechanics… Continue Reading →

Improve basketball players IQ by teaching AND States of Play and Shot Selection

I first heard of the idea of advantages in the book, SABA (Small Advantage, Big Advantage). Brian McCormick does a great job in breaking down the concepts of play in a simplified manner. These concepts come together during play to help strengthen the team’s offense and make it anti-fragile. Antifragility is the idea that things… Continue Reading →

How the BIG3 creates alignment and consistency across our youth program

If everything is a priority, then nothing is a priority The most successful programs and organisations excel at specific things. They do not get caught up in trying to be great at everything, rather they double down on their identity and continuously improve on the other aspects. Jim Boeheim’s Syracuse teams are known for their… Continue Reading →

Creating Engagement in Youth Sports

Part IV — Interesting and Challenging is a Key Feature In our previous post, we discussed two features (Goals and Feedback) that video games have which create engagement and excite players. The third feature that is different between video games and youth practice environments is that video games are interesting and challenging. Regardless of what game you play,… Continue Reading →

Coaching Tips and Wisdom from Austria Men’s Head Coach Raoul Korner (featured on The Basketball Podcast with Chris Oliver)

“development happens outside your comfort zone“ If you want to develop as a player or a coach, you have to be willing to get outside of your comfort zone. This means being willing to leave a good situation for an unknown situation. “you have to outperform where ever you coach“ Regardless of what situation you… Continue Reading →

Number 3: Practice Methodology to Create Transfer

Somehow against all odds, in the year 2021, there is still an unhealthy amount of reliance on blocked and constant practice within the practice environment. Research has continuously provided evidence that randomised, variable practice is more beneficial for the learning process than constant or blocked practice. Learning may have various definitions depending on who you… Continue Reading →


We’ve just wrapped up our third Rend Sports Summer Camp, and following a tough week behind the scenes that can only be described as a frustratingly, challengingly rewarding experience. In what has now become the most looked forward to event of our coaching team every summer, this year was different. All our plans, ideas and… Continue Reading →

Measure to Improve

Something that I personally have been struggling with lately is the concept of becoming a better person, a better coach, and a better leader. I’ve consistently been reflecting and actively trying to get rid of what I consider negative habits whilst adding positive habits into my lifestyle. This has been challenging for me as I… Continue Reading →

Making an imPACTT!

WHY DO I COACH BASKETBALL? I coach basketball for a living and have dedicated the last number of years of my life to the sport and all that it brings. Late nights, early mornings, long weekends, emotional players, demanding administrations, over involved parents and uneven working hours. Oh, and did I mention low wages? Of course, I’m… Continue Reading →

Elusive Confidence

When it comes to sporting success, confidence has been shown to account for the differences between successful and unsuccessful performances. Sports psychologists and elite athletes have consistently stated that confidence is a crucial currency in their performances and success. But, what is confidence? Are there different types of confidence? How do we develop confidence? What impacts… Continue Reading →

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