What is the maximum number of campers at camp?

Each of our camps is limited to 60 campers. Any campers who register after we’re full are automatically added to a waiting list and will be offered a place at camp when one opens up.

What is the level of competition at camp?

What if I don’t know my summer schedule yet?

How do I know it will be worth it?

Will I receive an evaluation at the end of camp?

What if I get injured prior to camp starting?

What if I need to cancel my registration?

-If you need to cancel your registration for any reason, you can contact us immediately on rendsportsacademy@gmail.com. Depending on when you contact us, you may be eligible for a full or a partial refund. Full cancellation details are on the registration form that was completed at the start.

As a parent, can I watch any of the stuff that goes on in camp?

What is the level of camp?

How much does the camp cost?

Will there be prizes and awards given at camp?

There are no tangible prizes or awards given out at camp. Whilst we recognise stand out players on our social media platforms, there is no formal award giving presentation at the end of camp. We want our campers to be motivated to be better for themselves and not for an extrinsic cause. As such, we don’t offer many extrinsic awards.

Does my child have to do the Sports Psychology Workshops?

What is the maximum number of people at the Skills Workouts?

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