X & O Series – 3/0 Line String Shooting

3/0 Line String Shooting is a simple team warm-up drill that we adapted from Brian McCormick. Doing it early on in the practice allows our players to get warm, go through our dribble penetration principles and get some shots up.

The setup is relatively simple with one line with basketballs on the slot and two lines on the wings with no basketballs.

#1 dribbles across and makes a one-handed push pass to #4, who immediately drives baseline. #3 and #1 react with our drag and drift principles.

#4 passes the ball to #3 for a catch and shoot

We usually save our team drills and concepts segment after the players are already loose and relatively warm. This same concept can be used in the full court as a variation of the more traditional Laker Drill.

That’s all for this week. This was a relatively simple warm-up drill that we introduced to shake things up, but still, emphasise our principles pre-game and early on in the practice.

Until next week.

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