Improve basketball players IQ by teaching AND States of Play and Shot Selection

I first heard of the idea of advantages in the book, SABA (Small Advantage, Big Advantage). Brian McCormick does a great job in breaking down the concepts of play in a simplified manner. These concepts come together during play to help strengthen the team’s offense and make it anti-fragile.

Antifragility is the idea that things get stronger when broken up rather than getting weaker. Traditionally, when teams ran a play that one player messes up or the opposition has a carefully scouted game plan and breaks up your offense, things go from bad to worse.

The idea of SABA and antifragility is relatively simple, but for some reason, it took me a little while to catch on.

Basketball just like other invasion sport can be viewed through four main phases of play. These are:

  • Transition Offense
  • Half Court Offense
  • Transition Defende
  • Half Court Defense

In each phase, the offense is trying to accomplish something, and the defense is attempting to prevent the offense from accomplishing their mission or objective. This forms the basic concepts of SABA or AND States.

They are:

  • Advantage States of Play
  • Neutral States of Play
  • Disadvantage States of Play

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