Drill of the Week – Post Introduction & Build Up

This week in practice, we started introducing post concepts to our younger players. Here’s how we broke it down and then built it up into a scripted game.

Our initial set-up was relatively simple and with three players to a basket, we could get more repetitions.

Perimeter player passes into the post and post player scores however they want.

Coach’s jumped in and out of the drill to help guide the perimeter players find passing windows. This helped eliminate chest passes and encourage bounce and wrap around passes.

The next progression was the teaching points for our T-Post Series. We want our post players to post with their back to the baskets, and face up when receiving the ball.

At this stage, our perimeter players executed a laker cut after entering the ball into the post.

After a couple of reps, we added guided defense on the perimeter. Perimeter players could use a dribble to find or create passing windows.

Similar to before, pass was followed by a laker cut. Guided defense did not follow cutter. Emphasis was still on T-Post and Face Up action by the post player.

With this progression, the guided defender bumped our post player, which forced the post to fight for and maintain his positioning before and after the catch.

Passer makes his laker cut and the post player dumps the pass into the cutter. Guided defense encourages the offense to look for passing windows.

Next stage was about adding post slides. Guard can choose to drive either baseline or middle and post player has to react and slide accordingly.

Our post players still need to fight for and maintain post positioning, and then react to the drive.

After a while, the guided defense could choose to step in and take the drive away in which case, pass would be made to the post. If there was no help, perimeter player would finish at the rim.

We put everything back together in a 2 vs 1 game. Guard could now choose to pass or to drive. Post player would react and either player could score here.

The next build up was a 3 vs 2 game. On ball defender starts with their back to the perimeter player. The offensive player has the ball on the back of the defender. When the ball is removed from the defender, the game is live.

Compared to the start of the session when everything was off, including the post positioning, perimeter passes and post footwork. By the end, things looked much better. Even then, there was still a lot of room for improvement.

For a more detailed reflection, click on the following link.

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