We’ve just wrapped up our third Rend Sports Summer Camp, and following a tough week behind the scenes that can only be described as a frustratingly, challengingly rewarding experience.

In what has now become the most looked forward to event of our coaching team every summer, this year was different. All our plans, ideas and ambitions were thrown to the side when the Coronavirus swept on our shores. We held out, as long as we could, in the hopes that the situation would get better and we would be able to go through with our plans. However, as summer sporting events around the Globe were cancelled, it was our turn to face the music.

Our goal, our vision, has always been to put forth a unique player development experience that caters to the athletes needs as a whole, and not just their technical, tactical and strategic basketball skills. The question now became, “How could we do that now?”

The notion of cancelling our camp, and not doing anything only entered our minds briefly, before our team decided that we couldn’t not host a camp. That was not us. We constantly preached to our athletes that “where there is a will, there is a way” and “control the controllables” and “be comfortable being uncomfortable cos that’s where growth occurs.

How could we honestly stand before our athletes and preach a message, without willing to stand by and follow through when it was our turn. So, we did!! We put together a program that delivered our key objectives and we transitioned it to an online platform. Despite not being sure how it would play out, or whether campers would be interested, we offered it to those who wanted.

By the end of the week, and the messages and emails that flowed through the next couple of days, we knew we hit a home run. It’s not about what you do, so much as how you do it. Our team here at Rend Sports knows that and buys into that message. I’m proud to be associated to a this group of coaches who are willing to walk the walk at all times and not just talk a big game. We look forward to seeing you all again at our next camp.

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