We all want to achieve a certain objective. We want to bring to life a certain vision that we may have for ourselves of for others.

As a player, you may want to be ready to attack practices with tenacity as soon as the pandemic is over. As a coach, you may want to be ready to get back on your feet and start leading on the court as soon as this pandemic comes to an end.

In order to be ready for those moments, we need to invest and begin that process now. Use the time that you have now to develop discipline. Work on your time-management skills. Write down and articulate your objectives and plans.

There is no shortcut to the to get to the peak of greatness. There is only hardwork, which looks different for everyone of us. However, preparing for those opportunities before we need to be prepared is part of the process. Put in the work now and enjoy the fruits of your labour later on.

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