Keys to Being a Great Defensive Team

Keys To Being A Great Defensive Team:
by Coach Joe Wootten
  • 0 lay-ups in transition: Stop the other team from getting to the rim in transition.   A player should sprint to the hole (under the rim) and not give up a lay up.
  • +15 in rebounding: A successful team is going to win the battle on the backboards on both the offensive and defensive boards!
  • 5 charges per game: Charges are huge for a team….Taking a charge stops the other team from scoring, gets the offensive player in foul trouble, gets your team closer to the bonus, and gives the your team possession of the ball. Many times a charge can be up to a 6 point play (an “And 1” that the offensive player does not score and the three point shot that will possibly occur when the defensive team takes possession.
  • Stop ball reversal: We want to stop the opposing team from running their offense and take them out of what they want to do.
  • 3 consecutive defensive stops: Our goal is to do this once per quarter.
  • 48 points or less: for the game for our opponent.
  • Defend without fouling: Players should get great position.
  • Vision: See your man and the ball at all times.

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