Back to School Again

I honestly believe that everything that we do is a conscious choice…. and once we’ve made that choice, our attitudes towards it determine how successful we become at it, and how much of an impact it has on those around us.

This is an interesting time of the year, as we have now approached the end of the summer and everyone has mixed feelings about their summer holidays being over and school is about to start again.

The amount of people that I’ve heard complain or moan about dreading going back to school and that they can’t wait for the mid-term break is unbelievable… and these are only the teachers that I’m talking about.

If this is the attitude that our teachers are bringing back to the school with them, it’s no wonder that our students hate school or don’t want to attend.

Allow me to venture my thoughts further…. Teachers, you are the back bone of our society and can help shape the lives of others… you impact students and children in ways that are unimaginable… it is you guys who can help inspire people to become the future president of our country, it is you guys that can motivate a child to become a lawyer or a doctor, it is with your help that any child can dare believe that they can achieve their dreams…

YOU ARE POWERFUL… Think back to why you first stared teaching… It wasn’t for the holidays and time off; my guess is it was because you wanted to make a difference, because you believed that you could impact lives. That’s what makes you special. Your energy, your creativity, your patience when things go away from the plan… and that “thank you” and sincere appreciation shown by one student out of the 100 you have taught; that’s what makes it all worth it!

And if you got in the game because of the holidays and downtime, then it is time to find a new job, because all you’ll do is make the kids around you miserable, bring them down and become a negative influence in their lives… They don’t need that!

Students – If you are old enough to be reading this, then you need to understand that you are the future… School is meant to be a place of learning and growth …. learning social skills, learning how to be patient, how to deal with adversity, developing inter-personal skills, decision making skills, problem solving skills and much much more…

Why else do you think you learn Shakespeare and advanced calculus?

You’re right when you say, you may never use that in your life once school is done, but yet English and Maths are compulsory.  There is a reason behind that.

If you really hate school that much and don’t want to attend, then be brave enough to sit down with your parents or your guardians and have a frank conversation with them. be logical about your argument and see if they don’t come around to your way of thinking. School isn’t compulsory, but it is presents you with more opportunities and helps shape your future.

Bottom line is this… If you’re going to be in school this year, then you may as well make the most of it. Make it your best year yet! Put in the work as students and set the bar high as teachers. Teachers, challenge your students and you’ll be amazed by what they achieve. Students, you too can hold your teachers to a higher standard.

This is going to be the best year of your life, and you deserve to be happy and love each and every day. Be the best that you can be and watch how those around you respond.

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