Embrace the Challenge…

Image The only organisation that I represent is myself. RendBasketball. The views that I express are simply my opinions, and I am constantly reminded that I am young and inexperienced and hence, do not know how things are done and I don’t understand!

That’s fair and I’ll accept that as your opinions. Funny thing about opinions is that you can’t be wrong.

My last post expressed my concerns with the way we coach the game. These concerns were not aimed at any specific coach in particular, in fact I actually like and get along with both coaches in my post. However, I am simply challenging them to adapt and to see things in a different way. They may be right in what they’re doing and I may be wrong!

What’s right will be different for separate organisations based on what their objectives are… My personal thoughts on this are as follows:

  • Develop functional and fundamental movements for all athletes
  • Teach players how to play the game
  • Recognise players for trying their best to achieve their potential
  • Teach players how to compete as they grow older

Ask yourself this… Do you want to win at the under age levels or at the senior levels? Do you want trophies or do you want competitors? Is what you are doing best for you or the athlete?

What’s the right way? I honestly don’t know…. But, I’m not afraid to challenge people’s thinking and methods in my attempts to discover it!

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