Coach Wootten’s Basketball Camp

I’m about to start my fifth week at Coach Wootten’s Basketball Camp and what an experience this has been for me. For those of you guys who don’t know; Morgan Wootten is the winningest coach in basketball history. Coach Wootten has won more games than any other coach in the game, and that includes High School, College or the NBA. His amazing record at DeMatha Catholic High School was 1274 – 92. Even though Coach Wootten was offered jobs at the Collegiate and professional level, he always declined them down. Coach believed that he could make a bigger impact on his athletes when they were still at the High School level.

Joe Wootten is Morgan’s youngest son and followed in his fathers footsteps into coaching. Joe Wootten played for his father at DeMatha High School and was part of the 1991 undefeated team that also features Mike Jones, who currently coaches at DeMatha High School. Joe Wootten is widely regarded as one of the best teachers of the game today and his record at Bishop O’Connell High School speaks for itself. Joe Wootten has developed more coaches that have gone on to coach at collegiate levels.

Combined, these two coaches bring together the best teaching staff every summer and run 6 weeks of basketball camps that are completely unparalleled. The Camp boasts the title of being the “best teaching camp in the country”, and Morgan and Joe manage to do that by the staff that they assemble. Enthusiastic, energetic and passionate coaches teach the fundamentals of the game to over 500 campers every week for 6 weeks.

They break down fundamentals into simple, easy to learn teaching points and leave the campers with an experience that they will never forget. The coaches are more like a family than a staff. Each coach loves the game, enjoys sharing, teaching and knows how to reach the individual athlete. Every lunch time, Morgan and Joe sit down with the coaches and share notes, philosophies, x’s and o’s and success stories.

After four weeks of coaching, I love the game more now than when I first started. After four weeks of coaching, I am more passionate, energetic and enthusiastic about continuing to coach and have learned more in four weeks than in the last five years of coaching. I have met new people, who are genuine and are students of the game; I have met campers who have impacted my life and I have filled in over two notebooks with notes, diagrams and information about the game.

I have three more weeks left and I intend to continue to learning the game. Coach Wootten’s Basketball Camp has been the best experience of my life.

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