Thibs On Rose: ‘I think He’s There Now’

Every injury is different, even it is to the same spot. DRose says he’s ready to come back.

I wish him the best, he needed the extra time. His style of play is so explosive and powerful that it took him a lot longer than Rubio and said others, but he should be good for next season. Let’s go Bulls. | Hang Time Blog

[nba-video vid=/channels/nba_tv/2013/03/02/]


HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — It’s a couple of months late, of course, but Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose is apparently back to being, well … Derrick Rose.

So says Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau, who recently worked Rose out and had rave reviews for the former MVP and All-Star point guard who missed the entire season recovering from ACL surgery.

Granted, this is the news that Bulls fans were hoping for in February, March and even early April, as they sweated out whether or not Rose would return in time to help the Bulls in their playoff push that ended at the hands of the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference semifinals.

Mid-June is obviously a little late for the Bulls to do anything but crank up the expectations for next season, what with the news that Rose is back to his old explosive self again. More…

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