Parker Sticks With ‘Crazy’ Clutch Play As Spurs Claim Game 1 Victory

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned a quote to one of the players that I coach. “The quicker you play the game, the slower the game becomes”.
Whilst watching the end of game 1 between Miami and San Antonio, the highlight that I was looking for finally came. Tony Parker’s longest possession. Most players in a situation like Parkers would have panicked and taken up a bad shot. But not Parker.
As players play a fast tempo game, their minds get used to this tempo and their reactions get sharper. This in turn allows these players to see the game in slow motion. In a situation like this, the player who has prepared has an internal clock that ticks down slowly and does not fall victim to external distractions.
Tony Parker was aware of the clock situation the entire time, and knew when he had to get his shot off.
Should he have passed it or kept the ball in his hands during this critical possession? That depends on his coaches philosophy, but in my opinion you want the ball in the hands of Tony Parker in that situation

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